After years of paying dues in the Ottawa neck of the Canadian hip-hop woods, in 2005 the rugged brainiac rap duo of Bender and Patience snapped out of the slump of making music only to perform it live at gritty venues, and decided to actually release an album. With DJ Calkuta they formed Flight Distance and dropped the cult classic Run For Your Lives! – selling 1,000 CDs hand-to-hand over one summer in the nation’s capital – creating the soundtrack for the government city’s rap fans and graffiti kids; the bored and disenfranchised. RFYL! featured the two rappers expertly offering the battle bars and braggadocio of the day, while juggling a range of topics from Western disillusionment to the malaise of life in the cold capital. The yin of Bender's growling multi-syllabic transcendence met the yang of Patience's restrained rasping flow – setting the stage for the Siamese Skull, the logo that represents the two minds as one. With their debut album, the duo designed a small paranoid world set to Bender's bombastic and melodic classic rap beats.

They’ve since released two more albums, the critically-acclaimed canary in a coal mine Bad Information in 2011, and the caustic yet melodic High Priests of Low-Life in 2014.  Bad Information is considered by many to be FD's masterpiece, featuring the sneering MCs unhinged over Crack Moses' demented MPC wizardry. Snapping percussion hits Moses' warped sample selections while Bender and Pat tackle society's ills and personal demons with stunning wordplay and pop culture irreverence.

This indie hip-hop act have toured extensively, bringing their dense, misanthropic wordplay in its electric essence as far as overseas in the UK and France; and as near as damn-near every venue in the 613. 

Their fourth, highly-anticipated album Harmony Chlorine is coming in 2017, duck and cover.



High Priests of Low-Life

by Flight Distance
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Patience and Bender at House of Paint 2015, photo by James Park.

Patience and Bender at House of Paint 2015, photo by James Park.


Ottawa Bluesfest | Saturday, July 8. 2017 | 7:00 p.m. | Main Stage | Ottawa, Ont. |

Beau's Oktoberfest | Saturday, Sept. 23, 2017 | Black Forest Stage | Vankleek Hill, Ont. |